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Milton Remodeling Inc. is based in Springfield, VA, serving Virginia, DC and Maryland metropolitan area. Milton Remodeling holds licenses for residential and commercial remodeling. In business since 1989, we've been remodeling for many happy clients. We are a full-service "remodeling" company, which means that we can work with you all the way from concept to completion. We can help you discover the hidden potential in your home and bring out its award-winning personality. Milton Remodeling offers the highest quality solutions including:

  • Remodeling & construction
  • Classic architectural detailing
  • Quality custom cabinetry
  • In short, we specialize in unique projects for clients who share our desire for quality, and we utilize only those associates who share our strict requirement for quality. You'll appreciate our attention to detail as we manage your project the way you would.

    Milton Canas

    Milton does all of the sales and bidding for the company. He has been in the construction industry since 1989. Milton handles all aspects of the construction process. Once a job has been awarded, it is handed over to Milton. From this point until the final punch list, Milton is the main client contact and works with the clients, subcontractors and construction staff to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible. Perry keeps communication open and is always available to answer client questions and concerns.

    Our staff

    Our staff consists of specialist who have worked in all areas of construction. It is just as important that they have a good background . They are tested and screened to make sure they have a good working knowledge of all areas of construction. It is also important that they have good communication skills as they are working with our clients every day.

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